keto-curious? here’s some quick things you need to know

Buttery coffee. Fried eggs. Crunchy bacon.These are just some of the culinary promises of keto that lure stars like Halle Berry and LeBron James to lose weight quickly. Sound too good to be true?

“Full keto requires guidance, but modified keto is absolutely brilliant,” says devotee and nutritional expert Helena Sauzier. “It’s especially beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. Eliminating refined carbs and allowing your body to repair itself between meals by not snacking, is truly transformative. It just works.” 

Interest piqued? We found out from Helena what it’s like to live life keto.



nuut: So, why is keto so popular right now?

hs: Probably because people think they can binge on bacon and butter all day – not true! The keto diet is a lower-carb, higher-fat eating style that includes fewer carbohydrates. This allows your body to use fat (ketones) rather than carbs, for energy. The other reason for its popularity, is that keto is measurable, whilst most diets are subjective. You can jump on the scales and see nothing has changed. It can be really frustrating if all the effort you are putting in, isn’t resulting in real benefits. Keto, on the other hand, is measurable. You can simply take a urine test and know your body is moving into the fat-burning stage. So physically and mentally, you know it’s working and you are losing weight. It’s very motivating and makes sticking to keto easier.


nuut: What are some modified keto meals you enjoy?

hs: For breakfast, sometimes I will have Greek yogurt with nuts, berries, citrus, seeds, nutmeg and Psyllium husk for fibre. This morning, I had lunch leftovers - spiced lamb and feta salad. I love savoury food in the mornings. Sometimes for lunch, I have a Caesar salad with anchovy dressing (without the croutons), or black barley, quinoa, broccoli and blue cheese salad. I like to have wholegrains occasionally, which isn’t typical keto, but I know how good they are for me. Dinner can be meat and vegetables, salmon with broccolini and sweet potato chips, or pulse pasta with Bolognese.


"People think they can binge on bacon and butter all day – not true!"


nuut: When do you fit in your nuut keto shake?

hs: I like them at breakfast. nuut keto is super delicious and really fills me up. It makes me feel incredibly energised. I have mine very simply – just water and ice. Sometimes I have one before working out. I find my body responds and performs better.


nuut: Do you snack?

hs: I haven’t had a snack in 3 years! I never feel hungry between meals. When I was younger, I used to eat lots of small meals throughout the day but always lacked energy. I like my body to rest and repair between meals.


nuut:  What benefits have you experienced from following keto?

hs: My energy and emotional levels are more consistent. When I wasn’t doing keto and eating refined carbs, I was constantly feeling the highs and low. By 3pm, I would be ‘hangry’ and shaking with hunger, but on keto I feel my energy and hunger levels are always in balance. My weight has stabilised too.  It used to go up and down, but now it is always consistent. Even when I’m on holidays and drinking alcohol, it doesn’t change.


"By 3pm, I would be ‘hangry’ and shaking with hunger, but on keto I feel my energy and hunger levels are always in balance."


nuut: What is dining out like on keto?

hs: Eating out is easy!  Unless it’s risotto or pasta, 80% of the menu is food I can eat. For example, I might choose a bun-less burger, and because I’m modified keto, I can still have sweet potato fries. If eating steak, I don’t have the potatoes that come with it. Easy. 


nuut: Do you ever splurge?

hs: I allow myself once a week to enjoy a burger or nice Italian meal.

I have been drinking alcohol more than usual, but my family is South African and French, so we love wine with our meals. I try and do 4 nights off a week. When I do drink, I try and set limits. It’s key for me. 


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