nuut the ones you love this Christmas


Christmas (a.k.a. gift giving) season is imminent. But instead of surrendering to the anxiety-driven rhetorical question cycle —Is a tie too predictable? Do I have any other ideas beyond quirky socks? — we’re asking ourselves a very different question this year.

2020 has been TOUGH, and the best way to smash stress is good health.

So team nuut has come up with 5 nourishing gifts that help weight management, quality sleep, glowing skin and lots of energy.


Check out our most coveted gift ideas and help your loved ones kick 2020 to the curb this Christmas.



123 reset bundle



Our 28 day programme is designed to help reboot your body and kick-start your weight-loss goals. Burn unwanted fat, feel energised, and have healthy glowing skin. Fast.


What’s included: 56 plant-based nuut shakes in 3 delicious chocolate blends / nuut x Thermos bottle / 28 day nutritionist-approved downloadable meal plan / 28 delicious and easy nutrient-dense recipes.

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three chocolate taster pack



New to nuut? Treat your favourite person to a sip of each with our exclusive taster pack.  The nuut range of nourishing chocolate blends are formulated to provide complex wholefood nutrition to your daily diet, simply and effectively.

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nuut x Thermos bottle 710ml



Our fave bottle provides the ultimate nuut experience.  Made with BPA free, impact-resistant and dishwasher durable material it features a rotating meter on top of the lid to help monitor your daily intake and capacity markings along the side of the bottle. It will change your day!

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