The scientific fat loss secret that most Doctors don't even know about!

Hands up if you’ve ever wondered where fat goes when we 'lose it'?

We recently came across an interesting TEDx talk, The Mathematics of Weight Loss, by scientist Ruben Meerman (we have a slight TEDx talk obsession) which provided the answer to a question we never really think about or ask - just where does the fat go?   

Does it... 

a. Convert into energy?

b. Disappear into thin air?

c. Turn into muscle?

If you answered B, you're correct - We breathe out fat! (well, 84% of it, the rest becomes crystal clear water). And the crazy thing is, a lot of Doctors and health professionals had no idea. *

In this eye-opening TED Talk, Ruben debunks the common weight loss myths and reinforces an important point -  "eat less, and move more" in order to trigger the biochemistry to release the fatty acids and use them as a fuel source to create the carbon dioxide and water.

SIDE NOTE: If you think breathing quicker is going to melt the fat away, think again. Ruben answers this question too, and sadly, it won’t help you shed more pounds.

Ok, 'nuff said. Watch the video here:


*Dr Meerman's novel fat metabolism research was published in the British Medical Journal alongside a survey of 150 Australian doctors, dietitians and personal trainers, which revealed most health professionals do not know how weight loss works at the molecular level.