FASTING Starter Bundle (1 month supply)

FASTING Starter Bundle (1 month supply)


Popular and effective as it's easy to incorporate into most lifestyles.

nuut is ideal for Intermittent Fasting ie a form of 'time restricted’ fasting, where you consume all of your daily food within a specific window of time.

This window can range from one hour (also known as the One Meal A Day or OMAD fast) or up to twelve hours.

Usually, fasting ratios are broken up into ’no food window’ and ‘food window’.

For example, 16:8 means 16 hours without food (just water, non caffeinated herbal tea) and an 8 hour window in which to consumer your nuut or food intake.

Fasters usually have 2 or 3 meals during the ‘food window’.

If you use nuut during the food window, as part of your 2 to 3 meal intake, you will feel satiated whilst closely monitoring your calorie intake, allowing maximum weight management.

We recommend 1 nuut every day, within your food window.

Try our FASTING Starter Bundle (1 month supply)

  • 28 meal sachets £89
  • 1 nuut x thermos shaker £19.90
  • 1 nuut display box £5

Regular Price £113.90
Bundle price £79 (saving £34.90) £2.82 per serve

Regular price £ 79.00
Number of Sachets Price Per Sachet
6 (trial pack) £22.00 £3.67
14 £49.00 £3.50
28 £89.00 £3.17
42 £125.00 £2.97

Not into nuut?

We think it takes at least two [2] tries to know whether or not you are a fan.

If for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, please email us: within 14 days of receiving your order. We will then ask you to send us your unused sachets, along with your empty sachets (remember, we recycle those for you).

We will take care of all return shipping costs, and, we will refund you the full purchase price.

Also, if you paid for shipping when you placed your order, we’ll refund that too!

Returns policy only applies if you return all sachets in that purchase minus the two [2] sachets that you tried.

We created nuut to be super convenient. For best results, use a shaker.

1. Start with between 350 and 500mL of your favourite mixing liquid; water or your favourite milk.

nuuttip: We love Nutty Bruce’s unsweetened and activated almond milk.

2. Open your nuut sachet with the tearable edge, or with scissors.

nuuttip: A smaller opening can make it easier to control powder flow.

3. Pour powder into shaker and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds.

Your nuut is now ready to drink/enjoy.

more nuuttips: If you don’t have a shaker, nuut can also be mixed with a spoon in a large glass/mug.

Add a shot of coffee for a #nuutzing Mix with fruit/veg in a blender #meganuut #turbonuut

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Claire Tavares

using the product is easy and the most enjoyable morning drink one can have at home or away easy use too