nuut trial packs

nuut trial packs

chocolate flavour

Our range of blends was created to work with today’s most prominent, evidence-based eating styles - Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and Fasting.

Daily Balance is a low carb and balanced blend; 20.1g protein, 4.9g fat, 14.3g carbohydrates and 4.4g of Dietary Fibre.

Keto blend is rich in good fats with 12.8g protein, 12.3g fat, 9.9g carbohydrates and 1.3g of Dietary Fibre.

Paleo blend is high protein and low carbohydrate with 23.5g protein, 5.3g fat, 12.4g carbohydrates and 4.2g of Dietary Fibre.

Plant-based, macronutrient balanced and micronutrient rich, each meal is environmentally conscious and fortified with vitamins and minerals - just like a multivitamin. Meaning one sachet contains over 25% of your daily essential intake.

All nuut blends are vegan and help with weight-management, gut health, increased satiety and insulin sensitivity.

Free from dairy, soy, gluten, fillers and genetically modified organisms.

Regular price £ 22.00
Number of Sachets Price Per Sachet
6 (trial pack) £22.00 £3.67
14 £49.00 £3.50
28 £89.00 £3.17
42 £125.00 £2.97

Not into nuut?

We think it takes at least two [2] tries to know whether or not you are a fan.

If for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, please email us: within 14 days of receiving your order. We will then ask you to send us your unused sachets, along with your empty sachets (remember, we recycle those for you).

We will take care of all return shipping costs, and, we will refund you the full purchase price.

Also, if you paid for shipping when you placed your order, we’ll refund that too!

Returns policy only applies if you return all sachets in that purchase minus the two [2] sachets that you tried.

We created nuut to be super convenient. For best results, use a shaker.

1. Start with between 350 and 500mL of your favourite mixing liquid; water or your favourite milk.

nuuttip: We love Nutty Bruce’s unsweetened and activated almond milk.

2. Open your nuut sachet with the tearable edge, or with scissors.

nuuttip: A smaller opening can make it easier to control powder flow.

3. Pour powder into shaker and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds.

Your nuut is now ready to drink/enjoy.

more nuuttips: If you don’t have a shaker, nuut can also be mixed with a spoon in a large glass/mug.

Add a shot of coffee for a #nuutzing Mix with fruit/veg in a blender #meganuut #turbonuut

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A nüut Customer
Adrian B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

My new meal replacement

After buying a lot of pre-mixed meal replacement drinks I was looking for more sustainable and travel friendly options when I came across nüut. I mixed the trial packs with almond milk (lowering the ratio of milk for a thicker consistency) and I’m now ordering more packs. For me they get the balance of flavour, sweetness (subtle) and nutrition just right. Being able to return the packets for recycling is a welcome option.

A nüut Customer
Nicki T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent sampler

A good idea to try the product before making a final decision.

Belinda H.
Australia Australia


All three flavours are amazing and easy to blend with water/milk/b banana/whatever you need!

Clint P.
Australia Australia

Delicious & Nutritious

I was sceptical at first, having simply stumbled upon nuut accidentally just googling meal replacement shakes. I'm so glad I did find nuut however as its perfect for my requirements and after initial tasting found it very pleasant, in fact delicious. I ended up ordering another 14 Paleo as that has proven to be the best option (and taste) for me :) I look forward to continuously using nuut to achieve my goals

Hannah S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Review of Nüut multi pack

The flavours are much better than other protein shakes I’ve tried in the past however I would recommended mixing them in a blender, rather than shaking as didn’t mix very well. If unable to do that, serving them with ice cubes made them an overall better taste