We believe in keeping it simple, staying healthy and doing the right thing by the planet.

nuut is a range of complete plant-based mix-ins for water, nut milk, or smoothies.

Our range of nourishing chocolate blends are formulated to provide complex wholefood nutrition to your daily diet, simply and effectively. nuut also works synergistically with today’s most prominent, evidence-based eating styles - Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Fasting. 

We are complex nutrition made simple -100% nourishment derived from best-in-class wholefoods and formulated with sustainability in mind. 

We want you to make healthy convenient choices, which is why we come in travel-ready sachets so you can stash us in your purse, pocket, or desktop drawer. It means nuut is there whenever you need us. Delicious, nourishing, sustainable and satisfying, nuut means you can keep your health on-track easily, and take the stress out of staying healthy.

Adil Bux, CEO and Founder

Adil Bux is an Australian entrepreneur and expert in health, wellness and food-related businesses. He was Founding Managing Director of premium wellness supplement company WelleCo formed with supermodel Elle Macpherson, and a founding member of revolutionary natural sunscreen INVISIBLE ZINC and award winning high-tech sunscreen brand ZO1. 

Dr Michael Hauck, Chief Science Officer

Dr Hauck has a Ph.D. in bioscience and specialises in protein and enzyme analysis and the impact of food processing on the human body. He has extensive background in food technology, science and nutrition and is a court certified specialist in food, water, nutrition and trace analysis in Europe.  Dr Hauck heads a dedicated team to ensure nuut blends are formulated with the right ingredients for synergistically optimising nutrition by emphasising bioavailability.

Provenance matters. We choose ethically sourced ingredients, organic where possible, and GMO free.

Convenience matters. We love food. Real, nourishing, food... but we know you don't always have the time.

Flavour matters. We use delicious natural flavours found in nature to make all our blends taste great.

The planet matters. We choose plant-based ingredients, and compostable, truly recyclable packaging.

Facts matter. We believe in an evidence-based approach to nutrition and wellness.

You matter. Everyone is different, and wellness isn’t one-size-fits-all. We believe in doing what works for you.