123 Reset And Intermittent Fasting Plans

nuut 123 Reset Plan

A 28 day high-impact plan combining nuut sachets with simple and healthy recipes.

Looking for a reset going into 2020? Try our 28 day plan to counter the overindulgence of the holiday period. The nuut 123 is simple - substitute one meal (with a nuut sachet) on the 1st day of the plan, two meals on the 2nd day, three meals on the 3rd, then back to one meal on the 4th day, and so on.

As part of the reset, we'll provide you with a full 28 day eating plan complete with tasty recipes.

The plan is also compatible with 5:2 and 16:8 Intermittent Fasting styles i.e. the nuut 123 reset naturally leads to two fast days (i.e. two days of around 800 calories max) per week as required in the 5:2 fast.

Or if you prefer the convenience of the 16:8, you can simply restrict your eating window on certain days to fit within an 8 hour time period

nuut 123 reset bundle 56 nuut sachets (28 days supply)

  • nuut Display Box
  • Thermos x nuut shaker

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Bundle price £149 (Save £37 almost 20%)


FASTING Starter Bundle (1 month supply)

Perfect for 16:8 Intermittent Fasting

16:8 is where a 16 hour 'fasting window' is followed by an 8 hour 'eating window'. It is an entry-level form of IF popular and effective because its relatively easy to incorporate into most lifestyles.

Fasters usually have 2 or 3 meals during the ‘eating window’.

nuut acts as an ideal addition to the 'eating window' as part of the 2 to 3 meal intake. It helps fasters feel satiated whilst keeping calorie intake in check, allowing for effective weight management.

We recommend 1 nuut, within your 'eating window'.

Try our FASTING Starter Bundle (1 month supply)

  • 28 meal sachets £89
  • 1 nuut x thermos shaker £19.90
  • 1 nuut display box £5

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FASTING Maintenance Bundle (2 month supply)

Perfect for 5:2 Intermittent Fasting

Made popular by Dr Michael Mosley, 5:2 (The Fast Diet or Fast800) involves significant calorie restriction on 2 days out of 7 (e.g. 500-800 cals).

On the other 5 days, you eat relatively normally (although it is advised that caloric intake is moderate below 1800 -2500 cal.

nuut is perfectly suited for the 2 fast days.

We recommend 2-3 nuut sachets on fast days, which will supply you with most of the allowed calories, plus over 90% of your daily recommended vitamins and minerals.

nuut is also useful on non-fast days when you can consume 1 nuut to keep you satiated longer, stave off cravings as well as maintain a moderate calorie intake.

FASTING Maintenance Bundle (2 month supply)

  • 56 meal replacement sachets

Regular Price £166
Bundle Price £139 (Saving £27) £2.48 per serve


Fasting has caught the imagination of the nutrition/medical communities and has an increasing number of significant benefits.

Fasting has been shown to help with:

  • weight management
  • metabolism boost
  • blood sugar control
  • reduce insulin resistance
  • increase growth-hormone secretion
  • boost brain function
  • fight inflammation

nuut will help with * hunger cravings

Read more on fasting: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/fasting-benefits