our nüut beliefs

Provenance matters.
We choose ethically
sourced ingredients,
organic where possible,
and GMO free

Convenience matters.
We love food. Real,
nourishing, food... but
we know you dont
always have the time.

Flavour matters.
We use delicious
natural flavours found
in nature to make all
our blends taste great.

The planet matters.
We choose plant-based
ingredients, and
compostable, actually
recyclable packaging.

Facts matter.
We believe in an
approach to nutrition
and wellness.

You matter.
Everyone is different,
and wellness isn’t one-size-
fits-all. We believe in doing
what works for you.

our story

Adil Bux created nüut, because he needed nüut.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but
in this case, we like to think it was the busy father!
Adil is a busy working dad, always on the go. As
someone with experience of fasting, paleo, and
keto, he got pretty frustrated at the lack of real
options out there for people
like him (and people like you), so he decided to do something about it,

Meet nüut, the new nuutrition!

Proper nutrition, derived from whole foods, made specially to work with today’s most popular evidence-based diets. Nuut is complex nutrition, made simple.

the seeds of nüut

Adil has always had a huge passion for nuütrition, the science behind it, and how what we put into our bodies impacts our wellbeing.

As a serial entrepeneur, he was part of the team that created WelleCo and its range of energy-boosting elixirs, as well as high-quality mineral sun protection brands INVISIBLE ZINC and Z01- winner of a Wallpaper* award for best new beauty product.

Our Chief Food Technologist, Dr Michael Hauck holds a PhD in Food Science, and has worked in the food industry for over 30 years.

Dr Hauck leads a dedicated team to ensure our blends use ingredients that work synergistically to optimise nuütrition by emphasizing bioavailability. Our blends are formulated to work with paleo, keto, fasting and/or vegan diets.

meet the experts

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