Our pioneering recycling scheme puts our money where our mouth is.

We take sustainability seriously.

To combat growing global issues around food packaging waste, and because most food grade sachets end up as landfill, nuut has developed a world-first circular packaging recycling scheme.

Not only is it kind to the planet, it makes daily recycling simple for you.

Step 1. Send your empty nuuts to us in the envelope supplied

Step 2. We will take care of the recycling for you…

Step 3. and turn your empty nuuts into cool stuff like kids’ furniture.

We make nuut with sustainability in mind too.

Being 100% plant-based means we use much less water and carbon than animal products. And amazingly our plant-based powders have an 18 month long shelf life, so they last longer than fresh produce which means much less food waste.

The result? A premium (and super delicious) wholefood powder that helps reduce direct and indirect threats to Earth’s health and habitability for human beings and our flora and fauna.

Our Recycling Story…

take your empty nuut sachets


send them to us in the provided envelope.


we’ll have them recycled


then turned into cool stuff like children’s furniture.