At nüut we take sustainability seriously

 We aim to ensure that every bit of our packaging is fully recyclable or compostable. Despite greater consumer consciousness, much food-grade sachet packaging still ends up in landfill. Food sachets also require specialist recycling because of the materials used to keep products in fresh condition. So we’ve made it simple - just send them back to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once you have 14 empty sachets, simply send them back to us in the provided envelope. We’ll then send them to our recycling service, where they’ll be turned into plastic pellets that can be re-used.

our recycling story…

take your empty
nüut sachets

send them to us in the
provided envelope


we’ll have them recycled
into plastic pellets


then turned into cool
stuff like kids furniture

more happy kids

Food Waste
As our blends are only available in single serve sachets and have a 12 month shelf life, food waste is almost non-existent. You only ever use what you need.

Environment, ethics and efficiency

Nüut aims to source only ingredients that are ethically sourced from sustainable producers. In a world where meat protein can consume up to 4 times the resources of plant protein, plant-based is the only choice for us.

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